Use Cold Market Prospecting To Establish Yourself

Use cold market prospecting to ESTABLISH yourself!

Here's how you can do it:

In a warm market, you typically don't have a previous history of being the "professional" that people listen to for "expert" advice.

On the flip side, with social media, you can be a complete stranger one day and then have a strong following & brand just 365 days later if you're consistent with doing the right activities.

Here are 3 ways to use cold market prospecting to establish your knowledge & expertise:

1. Host a free webinar and use your cold outreach to add value by promoting the webinar to your prospects

2. Create a free, weekly newsletter, and use your cold outreach to ask people if they'd be interested in opting in (make it easy for them to say no so they have full control)

3. Simply do cold outreach and say "hey" to new connections on LinkedIn so they are familiar with who you are. Start the relationship on a positive note by giving them a valuable & actionable tip that they can immediately execute.

⚫🔵 The key part is that you have to START.

The later you start, the longer it'll take for you to build a following that you can monetize.

⚫🔵 Plus, for most people (myself included), it's much easier to face rejection from complete strangers online rather than from friends and family.