Accelerated Success For Financial Professionals

Consistently capture new business by focusing on the RIGHT prospects, GUARANTEED.

97% of the prospect base is not the right fit for your business, let us connect YOU with the 3%


LeadGoals Accelerator

Financial freedom excites you, we know.

Our marketing company was founded by financial professionals, for financial professionals.

We have seen too many costly mistakes made by general marketing companies, so we set out to be different.

Additionally, our clients have had ZERO compliance issues.

ALL of them, within 90 days, have had at least 250 conversations over LinkedIn, with prospects that fit their specific criteria. Those, we call QUALIFIED LEADS.

We will SHOW you our PROVEN pipeline and process.

We will IMPLEMENT a custom and automated pipeline, tailored specifically for your business.

We will SUPPORT you at every step of the process, from set up, to closing new business.

In short, we ACCELERATE your business to the next level.


Key Metrics So Far...

What We Do


Our team uses the exact same PROVEN PROCESS that our clients follow to capture new opportunities with qualified prospects. Here is a taste of what we do for each of our clients.

The QUESTION is, do you really want to do ALL of these, ON YOUR OWN?

Marketing Strategy

Design entire marketing strategy and adjust it when necessary

Target Audience

Narrow down your ideal client base and effectively reach them

Profile Building

Build a professional LinkedIn profile to establish credibility

Personalized Scripts

Craft personalized and effective scripts without the "automated" feel

Setup Integrations

Set up all your software tools, CRM and integrate them together

Manage Prospects

Establish a process to track each prospect to ensure nothing slips

Manage Meeting

Manage all your meetings across all prospects

Automate Outreach

Automate your entire outreach using a proven process

Script Creation

Track, refine and create new ones, each and every week

Tech Support

Troubleshoot your software setup when they arise

Support Team

Leverage a whole suite of tools, and your support team

Trial And Error

Figure out what works by trial and error, without any guidance

Want To Simplify?

How We Work

Depending on where YOU are in your business, ONE of these offers will fast track your success.

Remember, the SLOW LANE to success is doing all of these, ON YOUR OWN.




We Take Care Of
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile and brand for your ideal market
  • Define, refine and capture your target audience
  • Develop personalized scripts to avoid the "automated" feel
  • Establish and warm the connection with everyone of your prospect
  • Add each qualified prospect to your CRM  when they reply or accept the invite
  • Track, adjust and curate your LinkedIn out reach campaign every 1 to 2 weeks
  • Implement exactly our 7-steps to Guarantee LinkedIn Prospecting Success for you
  • Craft an effective reply when a prospect is closed off
  • Answer any other questions related to marketing and sales within 24 business hours
  • Provide on-demand sales training when scenarios arise
  • Create weekly group coaching calls to share best practices, lessons and sales tips
  • Report weekly results for visibility and track your outreach performance
  • Call out HUGE pitfalls that we or other clients had in the past
  • Create new lessons in the content library for you to review at your own time
What you will do
  • Respond to your DMs to warm relationships
  • Meet with prospects to convert them into customers



We Take Care Of
  • ALL of the core services listed in the Done-With-You section where applicable, plus: 
  • Engage with your prospects over LinkedIn
  • Manage the relationship for you via CRM until you meet with them
  • Schedule intro and closing calls for you with your prospect
  • Tracking spend and billing
What you will do
  • Define your avatar of a qualified client and your monthly spend
  • Attend meetings that are scheduled FOR you

You also get these working with us

Reply Assist

24 business hour DM response support when you need to know what to say

Group Coaching

Learn what is working, what doesn't, and avoid pitfalls

Ongoing Lessons

Hundreds of lessons online about our proven process and sales


You Will Get AT LEAST 250 qualified leads within 90 days 

Or We Will Work For Free Until You Do

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Hear from our clients themselves on how they have been able to massively grow their business, and shorten their learning curve.


Client Wins

Our team is with you all the way. See the end to end support we provide to ensure YOU successfully convert your best clients.


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