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Your DREAM business is 12 months away, decide if today is Day 1

Combine an endless stream of qualified leads with a PROVEN sales process that converts


LeadGoals Accelerator

Financial freedom propels your mission, we know.

Our company was founded by financial professionals, for financial professionals.

You are in business for a reason. Ours is to accelerate the two driving factors for your business, LEADS and SALES, all done with ZERO compliance issues.

Within 90 days, you will have at least 250 active conversations, with prospects that fit your specific criteria. Those, we call QUALIFIED LEADS.

If you're willing to learn new skills, we can work with you, one on one, and GUARANTEE new clients for your business in 12 months.

Your future vision will only be realized if you move towards it today.


Key Metrics So Far...

Why This Works

Our business is built upon the exact same growth process we provide to our clients.

The DECISION for you is, if 3+ years of your life AND a rapidly growing business is worth the investment.

We handle ALL of...

Marketing Strategy

Solidify the marketing plan for your business 

Target Audience

Narrow down your ideal client base and effectively reach them

Profile Building

Build a professional LinkedIn profile to establish credibility and emphasize your brand

Personalized Scripts

Craft personalized scripts that resonate with your audience

Setup Integrations

Set up all your software tools, CRM and integrate them together

Integrated System

Automate the process to track each prospect and ensure nothing slips

Client Acquisition

Coach you through exactly how to close 24 clients in 12 months

Automate Outreach

Automate your entire outreach using our sales framework

Tailored Coaching

Focus on just YOU, tweak the few things that matter

Tech Support

Troubleshoot your software setup when they arise

Sales Team

We become your sales advisor and operations team

Skip Mistakes

Avoid the pitfalls that we and our clients have made

...aka your COMPLETE sales process

How This Partnership Works

We build out the pipeline that creates an endless stream of qualified prospects (LEADS)

You hone in on your sales abilities, with your coach, to close them (SALES) 


Leads Accelerator


  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile and brand
  • Develop personalized scripts that resonate
  • Automated¬†LinkedIn outreach and CRM integration
  • Pre-warm the conversation before you get to it
  • Campaign performance report twice a week
  • Implement exactly our 10-step Guaranteed Prospecting¬†system for you
  • Craft¬†custom responses for you under our DM Response Framework
  • 24 business hours¬†general support
  • The Accelerator Library
  • Weekly group coaching to unpack any difficult scenario
  • Call out HUGE¬†pitfalls to avoid
Required From You
  • Go through the Accelerator Library to adopt our DM response framework
  • Respond to your DMs¬†and meet with your prospects
  • Acquire Sales Navigator Core when you start
  • Custom¬†LEADS guarantee around YOUR goals¬†

Sales Accelerator


  • The entire Leads Accelerator pipeline as described to exercise your new skills with real prospects
  • All the course material
  • Dedicated coach for 1-on-1 sales intensive over 12 months, where you are mutually accountable
  • Neuroscience-derived sales framework and process will be taught to you
  • 24 business hour support¬†with the coaching team (private Slack channel)
  • Complete self-transformation at every level to realize your full potential in life
Required From You
  • Apply¬†your best every single training session, maximum 1 absence per month, no quitting
  • Complete the Daily Accountability Tracker and any assigned work
  • Acquire¬†Sales Navigator Core¬†when you start
  • Custom¬†SALES guarantee around YOUR goals



You also get these working with us

Reply Assist

24 business hour DM response support when you need to know what to say

Group Coaching

Learn what is working, what isn't. Expand your scenario and hear others

Ongoing Lessons

The Accelerator Library will teach how to consistently go from DMs to new clients

Join others shaping their own DREAM LIFE NOW 

Client Testimonials

Hear from our clients themselves on how they have been able to massively grow their business, and shorten their learning curve.


Client Wins

Our team is with you all the way. See the end to end support we provide to ensure YOU successfully convert your best clients.


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