Why You Should Actively Use a CRM?

Actively use your CRM.

Use the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to re-engage prospects who are undecided.

We were actually talking about this earlier on a group client call.

Most people when you reach out to them, they are not interested. People have stuff going on, the market could be down, they could be going through a divorce, they could have COVID, somebody in the family could have just passed away, they could be having a bad day - who knows.

You constantly have headwinds battling against you.

Most people just aren't going to be interested right now. And you need to accept that fact. So when people are telling you 'NO' you need to stop taking it so personally and just recognize that's just how people are.

But when you create a follow-up task, when you plug them into your CRM, as a reminder to follow up with them in the future, it's nice because then you start to come across them at the right time for them so it's not forced either.